Introducing The Therapeutic Life Healing Master Course!

This full, 3-week virtual experience is going to transform your life. This is for the woman who is ready for emotional healing, the woman who is ready to face her fears and take brave action forward so she can uncover her gifts and impact the world. 

If you are READY to step into your worthiness this is the

solution you've been searching for.

This is for you IF you are TIRED of living in a fear-fueled state, a place of less than, believing past narratives full of limiting beliefs (most of which aren't even YOUR TRUTH). You are ready to let go of trauma from your childhood and release projections from other people telling you who you are and what you’re worth... This is for you if you are DONE with living small and you are ready to live FREE! 

I want you to join me for therapeutic life healing and together, we can write this new chapter in your story. It starts today with me and you - in this course, complete life healing in a few weeks away. 

The course includes: 

  • Week 1: Inner Child Work + Breaking Self-Sabotaging Cycles 
  • Week 2: The Brain + Body In Their Relationship To FEAR
  • Week 3: Stepping Into Your Power + Taking Action
  • Tons of Journal Prompts with me guiding you through each question
  • Dance + Stretch breaks TOGETHER 
  • A Structured Step-by-Step Healing Journey Process in the comfort of your own home, messy bun, pjs + doing it in a fun, easy way, together. 
  • Lifetime Access - as I update the course, you get continued access to new material
  • Join the Private FB Therapeutic Life Healing Tribe - meet new soul friends that are on a similar journey as you from around the GLOBE! 

If you want to get the resources and the counseling but you don't want (or can't) do it in person, you now have a solution! I have set up this safe-space for YOU to get that growth you desperately need - in private. With me as your virtual mentor. Pairing sessions with dance breaks, fun light-hearted exercises. Deep journaling, and an open heart - this has your name allll over it. 

I'm so excited to hold your hand and lead you in your healing.

Ok, so now you’re thinking, Eidit, I need this type of transformation, I am ready for it, BUT what does it cost? 

Not only do I provide the teaching, but also I make sure you are able to implement everything I teach you in this course. There are 65+ slides with over 6+ hours of video tutorials with me guiding you through the information, and content that is structured and broken-down into steps that are easily digested over 3 weeks. 

Not only that - but you will be a founding member of this Master Course and gain lifetime access!

Girl, this course is an investment in yourself! The value of this, if you were to work with me one-on-one it would be well over a $1,500. We would have lots of intensive time every week together in session based on my availability. 

BUT the great news is.. not only do you SAVE a TON of money, but this course is on YOUR schedule. I’m giving you an incredible discount, because I know you need this now more than ever. You need a fresh start for next year, you need this inner transformation now, and you want to do it on your own terms. 

So instead of it being over $1,500, it’s only going to be $197.

You Ready? Click "I Am Ready" to get inside right now + get started on your healing journey with me as your guide! 

I'll meet you inside.

With Gratitude,

Eidit C.

Curriculum Preview

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  Week 1: Inner Child + Breaking Cycles!
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  Week 2: Naming Fear: How The Brain + Fear Interact!
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  Week 3: Step Into Your Power + Build Confidence!
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Available in days
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  Additional Printable Resources!
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